2099 Podcast Trailer

Hi, I’m happy to announce this podcast I’m making for my YT channel.

It’s launching in 2019!

So what is it? It’s a cyberpunk police drama, that serializes cases from a dystopian 2099 New York city. I’ve been posting it everywhere I can, all my socials, even my snapchat which is just shitposting for me, but that’s not relevant. It’s home is here in my blog.

Best part about this is that you don’t need to go through each episode, you can pick and choose which one looks more interesting to you, there is lore you eventually pick up on if you listen to a lot of them, but you don’t have too, and that’s something I really wanted to do with this series. I was thinking accessibility, and writing it in such a way that each episode feels like it’s own story and it can hold up on it’s own. So, it’s not like LOST where if you miss one episode you won’t be able to keep track of what’s happening. That’s really not the case.

But at the same time, I wanted to keep that mystery and that intrigue of what exactly is this world and how people go about their lives in it. At this point I feel like it’s it own little contained universe. It started like short stories and quickly evolved into it’s own thing. That’s why I think a podcast is perfect for this series.

Aside from obvious inspirations like Psycho Pass, Read Only Memories and Cyberpunk 2077. I’m straying from those things as far as way as possible, at one point I thought about using this song for the trailer, I was going for the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer vibe, because I didn’t know what song should go under it, but then as I started to create the audio for the trailer, it evolved into it’s own soundscape as well. The music comes from Xilent’s Powerpack 2, you need a subscription to splice sounds to download it though, this is great if you’re into music production, here it was only used to create the music for the trailer, which I’m not even sure it can be called that, it works great because it builds up tension and then releases it as the trailer ends. I truly wish I could work with Xilent if this ever get’s any bigger. Imagine this get’s picked up for a TV series or something and they bring Xilent to make the music, I would die, but one can only dream.

One more thing, the effect’s: I studied animation and visual effects, so I wanted to go all out, and make the thing as best as I could so that it really shined and showed off the world as best of my abilities, the gun in the trailer is actual 3D, can you imagine that. For me that’s the selling point for the trailer.

Oh and yes, the rings have lore significance, in case you were wondering that. The gun only fires 3 rings if your EP is over 500. If you see a black ring as the line the gun projects comes towards you, then that means it’s instant death, your body inflates and explodes into a million pieces, no questions asked. The bullet’s have a super compacted nano fiber that inflates inside your body, creating bubbles, they then expand and explode like a balloon. A blue ring on the other hand means you’ll survive the shot, the bullet fills the bullet wound with contact jelly and stops the bleeding. Although the slight electro shocks inside your body will not be pleasant, and a red ring means the bullet will not cover your wound and if not treated properly you might bleed out and die. But your possibilities of survival are far greater than those with a black ring. Depending on which body part the bullet hits, you might just survive, if it hits your shoulder for example, the bubbles will most likely go up to your head, but if an officer hits your leg, you might just be left without a leg and maybe your endowment. Your upper torso should be fine. The Gun itself is just a normal issued police gun, there are other types of weapons with more looking cyber lines, but I haven’t fully deep dived into that part of the lore, as I just don’t want it to look cool, but also have a functionality purpose, so I still have to flesh that out, but I know it’s going to be fun. For now in the trailer I went with a normal looking gun and made the fire look as cool as I could, while still maintaining vision for the universe and lore.

So, Although I am not familiar with Arnold, I’m stuck in Mental Ray, the gun was render using Maya Software 2, I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called. The animation was done inside Maya, then I rendered the gun out in PNG so that the BG was transparent, after that I went into AE and made the effect using pre-made shockwaves from VC, than you daddy Andrew Kramer, which I then applied Twixtor so that it has that slow-mo effect, the bullet is just a photo I cleaned up and the bulletline was made using shape layers inside of AE, the rings were made using Saber from VC as well, it really saved a lot of time. And without these plugins I would not have been able to achieve the final result. In total it took 2 days to complete the effect and a week and a half to complete the rest of the trailer.

So that I could render the gun inside Maya I placed some lights, which made Arnold go wild, I did not have time to fix this, and it made my pipeline be pushed back, so I just used Maya Software, I do wish they would bring back Mental Ray into Maya, but I think that Nvidia has that thing now, and it’s a whole licensing nightmare. The Gun doesn’t have textures as I justified it to myself that I was going for a minimalistic aesthetic, so I just placed a blinn over it and made it red. Yeah it might seem like I was just being lazy, but in a sense it was justified, maybe, probably, it was a justification for me to be lazy. I don’t know, I’ll have to think about that. The point being that it’s actual 3D, I had some help from someone at turbo squid, which offered their gun model for free, unfortunately I have lost that link, I’ll have to go search for it, that might take a while. Thank you to that person who put the model up for free. Also my videos are currently not monetized, if that’s troubling you. My knowledge of animation and 3D is basic at best, and I had a lot of help from people who I don’t even know, but for that I thank you.

The rest of the episode will not be as fancy as this trailer, this is supposed to sell you on the world, the podcast’s will be me reading the story’s to you, and you using your imagination to fill in the visuals.

Well for now, that’s all I have to tell you, I’m working on more content that will go up here on my blog, but that’s releasing as the episodes themselves release. So stay tuned, there’s more to come.

Thank you, have a nice day, and remember that you’re lovely because you are. 🙂


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It doesn’t make sense

Poetry isn’t it pretty.

You squiddle dee dumb

And you squiddle deedee

Because maybe one day

You’ll squiddle dee dumb

And squiddle deedee

Have you heard

Of squiddle dee dumb

And squiddle deedee

Its doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t make sense.

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What I’ve learned from Nanowrimo ’18.


As you can see from the screenshot, the word count at the bottom is 81,668. Kinda of a weird number. But I’ll go with it.

Nonetheless, I won Nanowrimo this year, yay! What do I win? Absolutely nothing, and that’s wonderful.

As for the future, right now I’m taking two days off two just recharge and play some video games watch a movie, or TV shows. And in December, I’ll be working on this other novel that I have planned, let’s call it book for now, and I’m planning on looking for traditional publishers for that one. It’s a middle grade series, so nothing to do with this one.

My Nanowrimo 2018 novel is called, In Vita Mea. It’s a latin phrase which roughly translates to kill or be killed, I don’t know if it really means that, I didn’t have enough time to do actual research, I read it somewhere, and said yeah it fits.

I’ll summarize the story, Danny a just legal (18) gay boy, he is living his normal life, one day he get’s a massive headache that transports him to a world where 99% of the population is gay, the other 1% get’s thrown into Sweden where they live a perfect life, he embodies his own body put in a different timeline, now Danny can get all the boy’s to come to his yard.

Terrible blurb, but I’ll go with it. The story is very adult, (3 sex scenes) but at one point it takes a right turn and suddenly the book touches topics of sexual abuse, ungratified partners, and a society that’s filled by an unclenching sex drive, that tears itself apart. And to be honest, that scares me, because I don’t even know if I’m a good enough writer to portray abuse with the sensibility it needs to not be glorified. I did research how to write about abuse but that’s about it. I feel like I don’t have such sensibility because I’ve never been the victim of abuse myself, but I have seen my best friends go through the aftermath of it. So I guess that’s what I tried to do here as well. The scene where Danny get’s physically assaulted is not portrayed, it’s implied that it happened, but I don’t physically make you read about it, I make you read about the aftermath, which is what I know best.

Anyway, I think I’ll never look for a publisher for this because as I wrote it I was just going through the motions, I wasn’t actually enjoying writing it, especially because I was constantly comparing it to book, which has over 20k words of just pure lore. So yeah, I don’t know compared to the other things I’m working on right now, this fails in comparison.

It’s a contemporary, and I’ve never been a big contemporary reader, I see the appeal, but why go into fiction to read about normal people, I would rather escape into another world, but that’s just me. Some people use contemporary novels as a away to cope between worlds, and that’s totally okay. We all have different views and opinions and that’s what makes our world rich. We just need to learn to listen to each other in a way that’s actually good. Not just wait for our turn to speak.

But that’s just me

Here are some things I’ve learned.

  • You’re outline is shit.

That’s right, you wrote an outline, and you’re way deep into act II and suddenly you realize, that Act III of your outline is now Act II, how did this happen? Well this happened to me, halfway through the book I’ve realized that I didn’t write enough on my outline. And I needed to write more, which I did. I had to revise my outline, and that was the worst. Going back to it in the middle of the book, is probably not a good idea.

  • Check yo tense

That’s right, are you writing in past or present tense, future tense? How would that even work. Anyway, it’s just as simple as checking your said he said, he says. See it’s easy.

  • Writing every day 2500 words is exhausting.

You know you better fricking love the characters and the world if you’re writing that many words about them every day. My goal in life is to someday reach 5k words a day, but maybe it’s because I’m an overachiever. I got close to that number in the final days of Nanowrimo, topping 4k words on the 28th, and almost 4.5k on the 29th. I really wanted to finish and have the rest of the 29th and 30th all for me. I was tired of this word and this character’s, I just wanted to finish.

  • I don’t love this book.

Sadly I don’t, I thought it would be a good fit for my Nanowrimo because I’ve been writing gay erotica for like, ever since I was 13, and been posting it online, people gave me good feedback, so I thought If I was going to write a book, I might as well be about gay people. In my frenzy to find an idea, I put the isekai trope on its head? (Not sure about that part) Who am I kidding, I just made it yaoi.

  • Made me appreciate book more

Book is the book I’m excited about, I’ve finally mustered up the courage to write it, and basically I’ve had the protagonist of the book with me ever since I was in high school, (almost 11 years now) so you know I absolutely adore him. In case you’re wondering no, book is not about gay people, in fact the romance it has, is primarily straight. (it’s middle grade) I do plan to talk about unrequited gay love, and I am an expert on unrequited love, so you might want to check that out someday. I’m worried about the reception that it might have, but my main cast is already really diverse, (POC, Deaf characters) and I’ve made some preparations in the lore so that it makes sense when this gay character is introduced. I’ve written some scenes for book, test scenes that is, and as I write them and then read them, like this weird smile comes on my face, because for the first time I can see them, I can see them in my head, and I feel like they are real people. I might just start crying as I type this, but I do feel like that. To me my cast of book is real.

  • Never gonna publish this.

Sorry to tell you, but In Vita Mea is never, ever, going to see the light of day. I mean of course unless I get someone to give me their opinion on the sensibilities of abuse in this book, otherwise, no you’re never going to read it. NEVER!

  • This shit was stressful.

It really was, I even got a grey hair on my beard. Maybe I’m just old.

All right, from me, that’s it. I hope you have a wonderful day, thanks for reading my blog post! 🙂

-remember that you’re lovely because you are.
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MARINELA (thecompany) sells their products in Chile, but withouth their charachters. #wtf #americaexplain

This is really weird, and it’s tripping me out, I was watching Benshorts he makes videos about traveling to other countries, going shopping, sit down vlogs, and other stuff. He goes to chile, and into the supermarket right? He finds, marinela the company, (prominent in mexico) sends their products over to chile, but withouth their charachters?

Most likley due to a cultural thing, but still wtf man?

That’s all for me!

-remember that you’re lovely because you are.
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Big Plans for 2019

Hi, it’s been a minute but this year I’ve been recording movies all the media I’ve consumed and over on my video game blog, I’ve been recording every video game that I play this year

Not as many as compared to last year, but you know that’s how it is.

I like to do this because it generates a list of things and at the end of the year I can go and watch it because it’s fun to do that.

What I’m saying is that 2019 is also the year of making a list not only about movies but tv shows and video games and anime that I consume in said year.

Tv shows will live here in a new separate post from the movies one. I will continue to rate in an A B C manner and continue to consume with every passing year.

We have now come full circle as of 2019, I will record everything I consume and maybe talk about on my blog.

That’s all I wanted to say, hope you have a nice day.

Films I’ve watched in 2018

Hi everyone! So this year I’m starting a new thing on this blog. Last year was all about the games I’ve played in ’17. This year I’m adding another list, the movies I’ve watched in 2018. I will also try to write about them as that seems like a good thing to do. I will try to watch as many possible movies as I can this year.A B C D or F

  • A Bad Mom’s Christmas (B-)
  • The Shape of The Water (A+)
  • Molly’s Game (C+)
  • Boo 2! A Madea Halloween  (F-)
  • The Disaster Artist (D+)
  • Downsizing (D-)
  • Pitch Perfect 3 (B+)
  • The Cloverfield Paradox (C+)
  • Call Me By Your Name (B+)
  • Tomb Raider (C+)
  • The Greatest Showman (A-)
  • Ready Player One (A+) x2
  • Mary and The Witch’s Flower (B+)
  • Pi (1998) (C+)
  • A Quiet Place (A+)
  • Avengers: Infinity War (C+)
  • Game Night (A)
  • Isle Of Dogs (A+)
  • Deadpool 2 (A-)
  • Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (B-)
  • Lu Over The Garden Wall (A-)
  • I Feel Pretty (B+)
  • Blade Runner 2049 (A-)
  • Gerald’s Game (B-)
  • Annihilation (B+)
  • How To Talk To Girls At Parties (B-)
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (C+)
  • The Incredibles ii (A+) x2
  • Fury (A+)
  • El Habitante [The Inhabitant] (D-)
  • Hereditary (A)
  • Tau (C+)
  • The Endless (B-)
  • The Amityville Horror
  • Hotel Transylvania 3 (B+)
  • Skyscraper (C+)
  • The First Purge (F-)
  • Eureka Seven: Hi Evolution (C+)
  • Google And The World Brain (B+)
  • Extinction (2018) (C-)
  • Grease (1978) (B-)
  • Oceans 8 (2018) (B-)
  • Life of the Party (2018) (C+)
  • Jumanji (2017) (B-)
  • Our House (2018) (F-)
  • Midnight Cowboy (1969) (A+)
  • The Conjuring (B+)
  • Inferno (B-)
  • The Conjuring 2 (B-)
  • Sing (C-)
  • The Nun (C+)
  • Slender Man (F-)
  • The Princess Diaries (B+)
  • Next Gen x2 (B+)
  • Bleach (Netflix) (B)
  • Venom (B+) x2
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (A-)
  • Mission Impossible: Fallout (A)
  • Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindewall.
  • Wifi Ralph (B+)
  • The Night Before (B-)
  • My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (A+)
  • Aquaman (C+)

Still Born Snippet

As soon as the monster knew it was going to die, it parted it stomach in two half’s, opening it up through the middle, forging it’s claws inside it’s own skin, and taking out the unborn child inside. The mother then soon died, leaving the child to fend for itself, the stillborn, looked at the mother, and throughly proceeded to eat the raw corpse of flesh that had brought him into this world. Truly the act of a god reborn into the human world.


Video Games I Played (and finished) in 2017

I’ll update this post as I play more games.

  • Uncharted 4: A Thief End
  • Final Fantasy XV: Completed the Story / Level 99 + EP: Gladiolus + EP: Prompto
  • Limbo
  • Rainhouse (itch.io)
  • 999: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors (all endings)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: A Tale Tale Series – Episode 1
  • Dead Space (Xbox 360)
  • Banjo Kazooie (XBLA – Didn’t beat the final boss, time to move on!)
  • Final Fantasy XIII ( Got through to the 3rd disc, became really monotonous, moving on…)
  • Rime
  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy (the final boss is just too hard, I gave up)
  • Walking Dead – EP 1 to EP 5 + 400 days.
  • 007 From Russia with Love (PSP)